Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday treats

I am obsessed with tan ankle boots at the moment, and have been looking for the perfect ones for a few seasons now. Like most basics, I think it pays to look around to make sure you don't compromise on the colour / cut /style that you want. 
The high street has plenty of great options, a few of my favorites are below.

I don’t usually shop in Office but they have some really great shoes in this season, particularly their ankle boots. My favourites are these by Ash:

Ash Jalouse, £120

I tried to buy them last season, but sadly they didn’t have my size. Word of warning – I think Ash use Italian European sizes which comes up a size bigger than usual.
A more affordable alternative is these Office own-brand boots, the “Danny boy”, for £85.

Office Danny Boy, £85

As usual, Zara has a few options. I'm always amazed by how cheap their shoes seem, much less than you pay in Topshop, and in my opinion, better quality.

Zara basic boot, £59.99

Zara studded cowboy ankle boot, £69.99

It was a close choice between the last two for me, but I decided to go for the studs, to add a bit of interest and detail to my current 'uniform' of white blouse and black jeans. I'm yet to pair them with a summer dress, as I never understand why you'd wear boots when flat sandals are infinitely cooler in hot weather, but given the weather is on the turn, maybe I'll give it a go this weekend. I think that evaluating fashion choices based on practicality is perhaps a sign I'm not the most dedicated trend-slave!

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