Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday treats

A quiet afternoon at home resulted in two holidays being booked, one for September and one for December, so the shopping budget is somewhat diminished this month. However, nothing wrong with a little bit of window shopping / forward planning for pay day! 
I've chosen items that I think would fit in nicely with my current wardrobe (mostly quite plain) and will still look good in a few seasons time.

First up: Contessa Jade Necklace from Stella and Dot (stelladot.co.uk). At £95 it's not overly cheap, but for a piece of jewellery you'll wear again and again (and you'll never be able to ruin it by ignoring the 'Dry Clean only' instructions) it's pretty good price. I already have a pair of earrings from  Stella and Dot, and they were definitely worth the £40. The necklace has already been featured in the Times, Vogue and Easy Living, so I'm clearly not the only person who likes it!

I'd wear this with a white sleeveless slightly sheer blouse that I bought from H&M a few weeks ago (£12.99; I think it's sold out but there's plenty of similar ones) and something bright on the bottom, such as my hot pink pencil skirt from whistles or salmon pink trousers from Reiss.

Next: Colour Block top, £75 from Whistles (whistles.co.uk). At first I thought this was a dress, but upon finding out it's a top, I think I love it even more. Uber versatile and with a nod to fashion but without being too scary. By that, I mean it's something that people who don't work in fashion and are expected to look relatively 'safe' for work could wear. As above, I'd probably pair it with something bright on the bottom, but equally I think it would look great with a pair of jeans, especially a nice maroon / burgundy pair. Navy and white = match made in heaven.

Finally: Vamp shoe with studded heel, £39.99 from Zara (zara.com). I know everyone sings the praises of Zara, and I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but Zara really is rolling out some great pieces. I have been completely converted from Reiss and have been all over Zara the past few seasons. These shoes are great, the studs and animal print are a great nod to fashion, yet the monochrome makes them that little bit more classic and something you'll be able to wear with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

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