About us

Who are you?
We are Heather and Harry, both in our early twenties and both living in London. Heather lives in Dalston, Harry lives in Sidcup (which is basically Kent).

Are you dating?
Yep, we have been together since we graduated from university, in July 2011. We went to Bath, and both studied maths.

You're no longer students, what do you do now?
We both work for (different) professional services firms in London. Harry works in audit and Heather is a strategy consultant. Both very dull, grey, boring, corporate jobs. The fun of dressing up in suits after the sloth-attire of university wore off very quickly, around the same time as we ran out of clean clothes.

What's the blog about?
Everything really! We both always complain how we don't find our jobs particularly fulfilling, and that we don't want to get to 30 and think we wasted our twenties. Not sure what we're expecting to come of us blog, but we would love to run a magazine. Failing that, writing is somewhat cathartic after a bad day at work!

Your blog looks really ugly...
I know! They don't teach you useful IT skills at work, although I'm a whizz on PowerPoint.. if you think you could jazz it up, please drop us a line!

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