Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pomegranate molasses cake

This cake was a bit of an experiment, and as yet I can't decide if it was a success or not! I've had a bottle of pomegranate molasses at the back of my cupboard ever since buying it for an Ottolenghi recipe. Since then, they've been languishing somewhat and so today I decided to use it in a cake.
A quick google search didn't reveal many results; nearly every website was linking back to this link, which was the one I chose in the end due to lack of choice.

I won't give the full recipe here, although I'll share some pictures with you.

The ingredients sound tasty enough, with cream, pomegranate molasses and mixed nuts.

Cream, pomegranate molasses and mixed nuts

 The cake batter however was very runny, much runnier than usual. This must have been because of the milk replacing some butter in the recipe.

Cake batter in a pan, the mixing bowl was otherwise engaged!

I also made a buttercream filling for the cake, from butter, icing sugar and a dash of pomegranate molasses.

The final cake looks tasty enough, although I'm somewhat dubious about the taste / texture. It seems to be quite springy and although the raw cake batter was tasty enough, it didn't exactly taste much of pomegranate, even though I added in an extra tablespoon for good luck.

The finished article!

The cake now has to survive a journey to Glasgow, so I can share with my team tomorrow. Hmm, we'll see how that goes!

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