Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A very happy New Year

I'm lying in bed in my pyjamas, having decided that getting dressed today was too much effort. I'm slowly accepting that I do have to go to work tomorrow, and that in hindsight, taking the next three days off work would have been a good idea.

The effects of last night's excesses are still well and truly under way; I had a dinner party for six people but shortly after midnight the fishbowl cocktails and drinking games came out. Ten bottles of wine, 2 bottles of gin and assorted vodka and whisky dregs later, I didn't feel too clever. So on to the resolutions...

1. No alcohol in January. I know some people think this is boring, and that as January is a depressing month anyway it makes it worse, but I like abstaining for one month a year.

2. Make packed lunches for work. I managed this for 8 months in 2012 but then got sent to Glasgow with work and then didn't really get back into it. So I need to try harder this year.

3. More exercise. I'm sadly still suffering from a sore foot so can't do an awful lot at the moment, but definitely want to get fitter this year. 

4. Do something positive for myself. For example, take some language evening classes, regularly play the saxophone, read more.

5. Save some money / pay off debts. I desperately want to go to Japan this year, so it's time to start saving. No more new clothes, lots of ebaying to be done!

What resolutions has everybody made? I feel mine are pretty boring, and the same as every year! Obviously I'm not very good at sticking to them!

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